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I own android tablet v.4.0.3 which works for me like many of my close friends. This document is to link & show an awesome way administrating own tablet/application.

Recommend you to install "Terminal Emulator" on official page &/ Google Playstore.

Once you run application type "whoami" on console. Result gives you name of current user. For administrating you must reach administrator level named "root" on both Unix/Linux devices and-or operating systems. To achieve that type "su root". After that you can type "whoami" again and see that you have administrator priviliges. Do not forget that once you became "root" you must be very careful any typo mistake will make your system unworkable.

Ex. simple "reboot" command, restarts your tablet/phone. "ls" command gives list of files-folder located on directory.
"pwd" command shows current folder location. "cd" used to change directory.
"kill" command ends process and "ps" command gives a list of working processes.

Via Google  you may find lots of commands. All commands are stores in /bin location.

Other locations may be ;

depends on version of installed android.

"exit" command ends terminal emulator.

Remind you again and again that you must be sure about what you are doing when having root privileges.

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