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Captain Oz is a marine professional with broad and diverse experience at the international level. He holds key positions onshore after his sea time onboard various types of vessels. He utilizes technological gains in marine & offshore fields. He codes, and implements software solutions to improve efficiency, speaks in conferences and continues to push at the forefront of maritime practices challenging on Digitalization, Human Element, Safety, and Quality.

Photo: (2002) University

Ozgur Dogan Gunes is born in Istanbul beside Bosporus as the third generation of his family involves in shipping activities. He joined maritime lycee at a very early age to study seamanship and graduated with a distinct degree after a term of cadetship onboard the ferries. He continued his further education and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in maritime studies.

He started to work onboard tanker vessels due to the short time of contracts to pursue his education and moved to bulk carriers upon his graduation to explore and experience high seas. He experienced dry-dockings in Portugal, Turkey, and China. He received a promotion as chief mate and worked in West Africa piracy waters onboard containerships for three years.

He contributed to the development of IT/OT systems onboard the fleet as he actively involved in the design and implementation of in-house Shipmanagement software with database management and coding of supporting tools. Meantime, he worked as DPA/CSO during his shore-stay. He obtained his Unlimited Oceangoing Master Mariner Certificate of Competency and conned Multipurpose - MPP vessel.

Photo: (2017) Panelist at Maritime CIO forum

He designed, coded, and published Seabook to support maritime education and training. Seabook received tremendous interest and great appreciation with positive feedbacks. Hundreds of thousands of professionals encouraged with positive motivation.

He is influenced by Unix/Linux systems and attached to digital networks with BBS even before the internet widely exists. He mastered Assembly and C languages to develop various scripts, contributed to the development of Debian Linux for many years, designed websites, and built web applications over years using contemporary software tools and techniques.

Captain Oz moved to Shanghai upon an offer for an exciting and challenging career after his notable experience in marine and success with the implementation of digitalization. He joined an international company, holding a senior position, liaising with renowned companies with global presences. He achieved sound results, strengthened his business network in Singapore, Hong Kong, and China. He completed the Executive Management Programme for Shipping Talents with experts across the globe at Shanghai Maritime University, funded by the government under One Belt One Road.

Photo: (2019) Judge in ISWAN Awards,
London International Shipping Week

Captain Oz continued with passion and designed SeaChief to support UN/IMO Day of the Seafarer Theme. SeaChief was another success with huge loads over the internet. Meantime, he joined Nautical Institute as an Associate Fellow. He continued to speak at conferences and participate in many others.

He published articles for the industry to take positive action, once he discovered vulnerabilities in the databases of several shipowners in Hong Kong. He authored Sea-IT to explain the risks of high-seas and to lay a foundation to embrace digital changes. Sea-IT demonstrates cyber scenarios in real codes.

Capt Oz lives in Asia for work with frequent travels but continues to push at the forefront of maritime practices challenging on Digitalization, Risk Management, Human Element, and Safety/Quality.

Capt. Oz
Ozgur Dogan Gunes

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