My interest in computer systems started when there was no internet but Bulletin Board Systems to dial-up universities for data package exchange. I sprang to use Linux boxes and laid an exceptional foundation of coding through opensource. I experienced various programming languages over the years and released many computer applications.

Seabook became worldly renowned, SeaChief notably added joy, and I undersigned many projects.

I code software using contemporary development tools under varied Operating Systems [ Windows/macOS/Linux ] and sane with Network Administration.

Seabook Maritime

Seabook Maritime

Seabook first released in late 2013 to deliver fundamentals of marine practices and subjects with simple accessibility. It supports maritime education and training for safer seas and cleaner oceans.

Seabook continues to receive tremendous interest exceeding 600,000 global downloads with great appreciation and positive feedbacks from seafarers and marine professionals.

It runs on all devices. Computers, mobile phones, tablets, even smart televisions. Details with screenshots are at

STAS (Seafarers Training and Assessment System)

STAS (Seafarers Training and Assessment System)

STAS answers the training requirement of marine & offshore domains. It is a comprehensive solution for companies to allow seafarers to access and interact with content. It benefits companies with tailored features.

STAS broadcasts Safety Videos, Presentations, P&I Circulars, Case Studies, In-house documents, and more contents to assigned seafarers at ease. It uses the latest encryption algorithms to secure credentials. STAS functions for Training, Assessment, and both with ultimate but simple design. .

STAS supports all multimedia files (DOC/PPT/PDF/Video/Interactive Flash) to create training packages. It is web-based and accessible by all devices from anywhere! STAS has no limits.

STAS is first implemented for the requirement of a company, a Shanghai/China based Shipmanagement/Crewing Company and accessible by 5,000 seafarers! at all times.

Demo is available at

Please contact for demo account.

IMO Day of the Seafarer (2018)


SeaChief is a mobile game that voluntarily supports Day of the Seafarer (2018) theme of United Nations / International Maritime Organization

SeaChief is released on June 25th, 2018 and received thousands of praises over twitter.

Watch demo play at YouTube

Play at

Watch demo Play the Game!
Report Management System

Big Data Utilization!

Tailor-made for TriNøden Marine Services to offer a cutting edge tool for the utmost convenience of its clients. It utilizes a database management system to maintain records and brings a new experience.

TriNøden Report Management System (RMS) provides survey, audit and inspection reports with high-resolution videos and images in detail.

Visit at


Conference App

SOMC+ is a tool to get feedback and evaluation of participants in conferences, workshops, and training sessions. It also provides details of the agenda and establishes a platform to interact with participants before and throughout the workshop. SOMC+ assists to facilitate training sessions and utilizes evaluation scores to assess the quality and supports decision making to seek further improvement.

Written in HTML5 + Jquery with MySQL database


Following are outdated software and tools that I've coded and developed back in years over varied programming languages,


Customer Relationship Management tool for KobiEfor, a monthly economy magazine for SMEs with 200K+ subscribers, and a web portal in 2002. KOBI+ handles database queries with a neat user interface. Web application development under ASP Language with Visual Basic support and Microsoft SQL database system.


Voyage and Fixture script for a shipbroker house, written under Visual Basic language with a Microsoft Excel widget.

Port Scanner & Sniffer

Experimental socket programming tool developed under Linux (Slackware) with C language.


Alternative web download tool written in python language similar to wget.


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